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Training and Testing That Really Clicks!ô 

Itís not just another marketing tagline.

NetCertification is at the forefront of the next generation of Internet companies. We combine the delivery advantages of the Internet with the need to supply anytime, anywhere training, testing and accreditation. In our management teamís 15-plus years in the training and testing field we were continually faced with the problems created by geography, time and expense.

Traditional learning delivery, in many cases, requires travel to out-of-town seminars or courses, generating expensive travel costs.

Productivity is lost while being out of the office to attend training and testing sessions. By combining the strengths of our software design expertise; our training, testing and certification development background; and our experience with the Internet,
NetCertification is able to solve each of these problems.

NetCertification is uniquely positioned as the catalyst for the inevitable evolution that combines the training, testing and accreditation fields with Internet technology to answer the growing worldwide demand for anytime, anywhere training, testing and accreditation. 


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