The quality of our delivery system, including both severs and streaming media, is critical to the performance of NetCertification. Our partnership with Akamai, the leading streaming server company, greatly enhances the super performance we provide.

Akamai has developed a patented technology for high reliability and high performance delivery of streams and large binary objects, i.e. video, software downloads and graphics. They provide 40 redundant DNS servers with over 4,000 hosting servers located in hundreds of ISP facilities. The combination of performance based routing, system redundancy and intelligent DNS services provide them with unmatched performance and reliability.

Akamai is the only hosting company that offers guaranteed levels of service with 100% uptime. Their next competitor offers 99.6% uptime, which means outages of up to 35 hours per year. The phone system in the US has a goal of 3 minutes of outages per year and Akamai beats that. Since their inception they have never had to pay out on any outage. Yahoo uses Akamai to deliver over 99% of all their bannar ads.

The two key elements  of Akamai providing this level of service are the redundant DNS servers with specialized routing information which includes actual performance information in the routing decision as well as their use of 4,000 servers located in the largest ISP's creating their 'edge' server strategy. This means our customers training will always be avalable and it will always be fast.

(American Society of Association Executives)

Described as the "association for association executives," ASAE is dedicated to enhancing the professionalism and competency of association executives, promoting excellence in association management and increasing the effectiveness of associations to better serve members and society. ASAE was founded in 1920 and today, has more than 25,000 individual members who manage leading trade, professional and philanthropic associations, representing approximately 10,000 associations serving more than 287 million people and companies worldwide. ASAE also represents companies that offer products and services to the association community.


Our application hosting network utilizes 100% state-of-the-art Cisco products -- the finest quality network backbone available. This ensures that your learning programs hosted on our systems will be up and running with high availability.

CPC (Coalition of Professional Certification)

The CPC was formed in 1997 for the explicit purpose of encouraging certification organizations to influence a standard practice for professional certifications. The CPC is endorsed by many on Capital Hill including Jack Quinn, Chairman of the House Veterans' Affairs Committee's Subcommittee on benefits and Al Borrego, Assistant Secretary for Veterans' Employment and Training. NetCertification was a guest panel participant at a recent conference, "Transition Assistance: The Role of Certification."

(National Organization for Competency Assurance)

Established in 1977, NOCA is the leader in setting quality standards for credentialing organizations. Through its annual conference, regional seminars, and publications, NOCA serves its membership as a clearinghouse for information on the latest trends and issues of concern to practitioners and organizations focused on certification, licensure, and human resource development. NOCA promotes excellence in competency assurance for practitioners in all occupations and professions.

Thomson Prometric

Prometric is the leading provider of secure brick and mortar test centers. Prometric testing facilities provide high security and proctoring capabilities at more than 300 locations throughout the United States and Canada. Prometric and NetCertification work together to provide you a secure testing environment to meet your testing requirements.


VeriSign is the largest provider of Internet trust services. VeriSign's credit card, debit card, purchase card and electronic check processing services place them at the center of customer care and transaction automation  in the eCommerce marketplace. NetCertification's partnership with Verisign ensures you will receive private, safe and secure online financial transactions.



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